• Efficient
    Math for all
    Adoption of Ancient
    Indian Mathematics Concepts
  • Innovative Learning
    Unique Methods and Concepts
  • We are different
    Seriously, YES!
    Exemplary and detailed research in cognitive analytical math learning
    Teaches to approach a complex problem using systematic thinking

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Why Vedic Math

The word Math instills a sense of fear and uncertainty in most. Not any more – allow us to help your child become a Math Whiz, while having loads of fun learning.

The usual mathematical calculations and methods of solving problems are difficult and take up a lot of time. Vedic Mathematics is an efficient math (EffiMath) that provides general and specific techniques for numerical calculation that will leave you astounded!

Mind-boggling Benefits

More than 1700% quicker than normal mathematics – making it the fastest in the world

An easy and enjoyable way to learn and practice Math

Removes Math phobia

Your child will love Math and will able to make calculations at high speed

Instant results through visibly improved academic results

Increases mental agility and intelligence

Watch your child run mental calculations fast

Enhances memory and self-confidence

Increases intuitive and innovative ability by develop both sides of the brain

The techniques help for the future too – crack exams such as CAT, CET, SAT, Banking Exams, and more.


Our Way

Contemporary Methods

Original adoption of ancient Indian math systems

Induce creative thinking

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