Becoming a Franchisee

Start a Venture with Us

Through training from us and some experience, start your own venture in collaboration with us around Vedic Math education. Apply for the Franchise Plan for Vedic Maths.

Consistent Training and Support

  • We conduct seminars and thorough training
  • Opportunity to learn from other franchises – running successfully
  • We help you set up your business through our successful franchise model and you receive complete support from our qualified staff
  • Our regularly updated learning materials, provide insights and help
  • Become a Beacon of Knowledge

  • Disseminate your learning to help students discover their true potential
  • Shape young minds and help them make their future bright and successful
  • Help people overcome the fear of Math
  • Contribute to creating a community of learners and teachers
  • Become a Role Model

  • Through the skills of Vedic Math, you can teach Math to anyone and gain their respect and admiration
  • As a teacher in a school your skills will impress your superiors, students, parents, and peer group
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